Treating A Severe Dog Ear Infection

I have a sweet dog named Eskie who is about 10 years old. She has symptoms such as being unsteady on her feet and her head is tilted to one side after taking her to the Vet. For a second opinion and giving more antibiotics (Viceton - first Vet gave Zeniquin), that did not help. She then became paralyzed in her front and her body seemed to have become swollen in appearance. She has not gained weight but she still ate well and was drinking water two times her vet suggested that she have a Myringotony done along with Antibiotic Steroid shots.

This approach seems to help for just a bit and then the same old symptoms would start again. I confronted the Vet who finally admitted that he does now know what to do for her. He hasn't really done any tests prednisolone, clindamycin daily, with every 3 days baytril drops. She is slipping back to the beginning of illness now.

Please please please someone help me to figure this out. What is the right wat to get to a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Feel that it is something fixable , but just no one here knows what or how. I have read a lot about this and need help before it's too late. I adopted her from a shelter, her previous person died and family members came for belongs but didn't want dog. I too was a throw away child and I know the feeling of someone giving up and not caring for you.
I just cannot do that to her. She is in a lot of pain I can tell. I need to know what to do. She is not just an animal, she is a living breath life and there for deserves help.

Thank you.

Veterinarian Response on Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

Hello there,

I am so sorry to hear of what you and your dog have been through. She is so lucky to have a caretaker like you fighting for her. Since I don’t know all the details of her case, it’s difficult for me to talk specifically about what might be going on, but I can make some general observations.

Middle ear infections can be very difficult to eradicate. Sometimes dogs need to be sedated and have their tympanic bullae thoroughly flushed, suctioned, and filled with topical medication on a weekly basis for a month or even longer until significant improvement becomes evident. Also, ear infections are often a symptom of another disease – allergies are very common, but other conditions are possible too – and if the primary condition is not also addressed, the ear infection will not resolve or will return quickly once treatment is stopped.

When a dog’s case becomes complicated, it is worth seeking a second opinion from a veterinary specialist. Your current veterinarian may be able to make a recommendation. If not, you can make a call to the closest veterinary teaching hospital to make an appointment or ask for advice on whom to see near you.

Best of luck,
Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Sep 05, 2014
Similar symptoms as a stroke
by: Anonymous

My "Dicha" seems to be having the same problem, but in her case I associated her symptoms (head-down-and-to-one-side and walking in circles) with having a stroke. Complicating matters, she's been on daily doses of "Otomax" (manuf. by Intervet) that her Vet here in Sonora, Mexico gave me for her stubborn ear infection.

Now I'm baffled because her Vet said her ear condition could lead to a stroke. Is she wrong or does she mean stroke-like symptoms. Sometimes it's been very painful for her, but then in a day or two she's ok. She's only about 8 yrs. old.
Right now she's having her 3rd episode in 3 months so I'm more than a bit freaked out.
Yo no comprende.

Any help anyone?

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