Treating Dog Penis Infection After Tie

(Salem MA)

My 1 1/2 yr old Maltese dog sustained a penis infection after his first successful tie. He was treated and placed on 2 weeks worth of medicine and a cone to prevent licking his penis after the tie resulted in bloody leakage. The bloody leakage ceased after 3 to 4 days. After the treatment the infection remained. He was again treated for 2 weeks on another medicine - clavamax 62.5 mg 2x a day as well as a flush every other day if the prepuce every other day with nolvasansolution.

However, four weeks later he is still licking his penis. It seems constantly erect and inflammed. His prepuce skin is changing colors as are his testicles...they are now black! In color...I am very concerned.

The vet claims it is masturbation but it seems that now that the dog testicles are black that it is more serious.


Vet Suggestion Black Dog Testicles and Licking the Penis

Hello there,

I cannot tell from the description of the case whether or not both you and your veterinarian are convinced that your dog’s skin infection has completely resolved. If so, than it is possible that the continued licking, erections, and skin discoloration that you are witnessing are simply due to your dog’s extra “attention” to this area.

The dark discoration to the skin that you mention is often caused by chronic irritation and licking could certainly fall under this category. It is simply a way for the sking to “toughen up” a bit and protect itself.

If, however, the infection is not completely gone or something else entirely is going on, the licking could very well be in response to continued discomfort. A second opinion from a veterinarian who has not been involved in the case up to now (ideally one who works at a different veterinary hospital) never hurts. You’ll either receive confirmation that all is truly okay or be presented with a different treatment plan that will hopefully resolve your dog’s symptoms.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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