Treating Dog Pimples on Schnauzer

by Sandra and Suggestion from our Vet
(Carleton Place, ON)

My 15 mon. old, min. schnauzer has had dog pimples for about 2 months. They appear to be dry and located on her back and head. I thought perhaps they were nerve pimples caused by frequenting a groomer she is not too comfortable with or, from staying with a dog sitter for a week.

She does not appear to be itchy or otherwise affected by the pimples and they are not visible on her coat. One has to feel them to realize they are there.

What do you think is causing them and how should I treat them?

Vet Suggestion Dog Pimples on Schnauzer


I can’t give you an exact diagnosis without a physical exam, but miniature schnauzers do sometimes develop something called schnauzer comedone syndrome that sounds a lot like what you are describing. With this condition, dogs develop plugged follicles only along the top of their backs. They do not seem to bother dogs in any way so we consider them to be a cosmetic issue only.

Your veterinarian should be able to tell you whether your dog has schnauzer comedone syndrome or something more serious.

If she does have this syndrome and you want to try to treat it, a product called Duoxo Spot-on applied over the affected area can be quite effective.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Jan 26, 2015
groomers can help this
by: Anonymous

Because of the nature of a Schnauzer coat, that is, it's supposed to be hand plucked/stripped, clipping close for a pet can often cause schnauzer zit type clogs of the pores. Asking your groomer to leave a slightly longer length on the jacket and head and making sure to card the coat good after the bath can prevent this from happening.

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