Understanding Causes of Dog Skin Lumps

by Carole

Here is the picture of the dog skin lesion

Here is the picture of the dog skin lesion

Reader Question

My Bichon mix has this growth on her right front paw. She had been licking it for at least 2.5 months but it was smaller and has now grown.

When I brought it to the vet's attention she stated we will have it removed at her next dental cleaning. Since we spoke ( about 3 weeks ago) it seems like it has grown in size.

I have upped the appointment to tomorrow.

My canine will be 9 in August.

I have included a picture. Please help I am a nervous wreck.


Carole Hausemann

Suggeston From Our Veterinarian

Dear Carol,

You have done the right thing! Any mass that has been around for a few months and has recently grown in size should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Moving up your dog’s appointment was wise. The good news is that the mass still appears to be quite small, which should make its removal fairly easy. Once it is off, make sure that it is sent to a veterinary pathologist for identification. This information will let you know whether the mass is likely to return at the site or spread elsewhere, or if the surgery was curative.

Good luck!

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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