Use Vicks For Dog Cold? - Reader Question and Vet Response

by Isela Diaz
(Clarksville Tn. U>S>A>)

My Pepe began sneezing and wheezing two days ago. The temperatures here in Tennessee have gone from very warm to pretty cold.

He goes outside to use the bathroom. He still eats well and sleeps but he'll start sneezing and wheezing uncontrollably.

I want to take him to his vet but I just started working
after almost a year and a half and only part-time.

I want to know if I rub some Vicks on his chest will this

Sincerely worried,

Isela Diaz

Suggestion From Our Veterinarian

Hello Isela,

Do not use Vicks on your dog! It won’t help with the symptoms you describe, and can even be poisonous to dogs (and cats).

If Pepe were just sneezing, I wouldn’t be too concerned (at least in the short term) since you said that he is still eating and sleeping well. However, you mentioned that he is wheezing “uncontrollably,” which is more worrisome, particularly if it is affecting his ability to breathe normally.

I do think it’s best if Pepe sees a veterinarian. The earlier you get him in the better his chances of a quick (and relatively inexpensive) recovery. If you wait, it is possible that his care will end up costing you more in the long run.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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