Vet Suggestions For When a Dog Vomits Daily

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Reader Question: How to help when my Dog Vomits Daily.

Our short haired pointer has been vomiting daily for about one month. She is 3, we rescued her from a pound 3 months ago.

Blood work, urine and stool tests came back negative. We slowly changed her diet to a very basic food for dogs with sensitive stomachs. We also give her pumpkin supplement daily. Her activity and appetite levels are still great. She is a very happy and friendly dog.

Sometimes she vomits yellow bile when she hasn't eaten in awhile. If she has, then my dog vomits food.

Any suggestions?

Vet Suggestion if your Dog Vomits Daily


Vomiting on an empty stomach is sometimes associated with a condition called canine bilious vomiting syndrome. Most dogs stop vomiting if you feed them more frequently. For example, if your dog vomits in the morning before eating, feed a late night meal right before bedtime.

I’m not sure this is your dog’s problem, however, since you mentioned that she does occasionally vomit up food. Some intestinal disorders like inflammatory bowel disease cannot be diagnosed based simply on blood work, a urinalysis, and stool tests, so additional diagnostics (e.g., x-rays, abdominal ultrasound, specialized blood tests for things like chronic pancreatitis, and even intestinal biopsies) might be necessary.

Another option is to try a food trial with a truly hypoallergenic diet. The “sensitive stomach” product you mentioned may still contain ingredients she is reacting too. I’ve had the best luck with the prescription hydrolyzed diets like Purina HA or Hill’s z/d. You need to be committed to feeding only this food and absolutely nothing else for at least six to eight weeks, but if her vomiting disappears, than you know she has a food allergy or other dietary responsive disease and can proceed accordingly.

Talk to your veterinarian to see what course of action might be best for you and your dog.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Jan 31, 2012
Dog vomiting
by: Anonymous

My sons Rott was vomiting since November. Vet done every test known of. Unfortunately, nothing helped. When he opened him up, he found his Intestines were dead. He couldn't manipulate them to get em going. My sons dog is now in doggie heaven as of 2 days ago.

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