What are The Best Dog Breeds For Anxious Owners?


Dogs can be very helpful in lowering their owners’ anxiety levels.

The loyalty, unconditional love, and comforting physical contact that they provide can be enough to ease symptoms of anxiety. But being around dogs also helps to activate the oxytocin hormone, which can make people feel loving and happy.

While any breed of dog can help owners to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, some have traits and characteristics that mean they’re better suited than others.

You should look for things like calmness, a friendly demeanor, and an affectionate nature.

So, which dogs are actually best for anxious owners?

Let’s find out.

dog with anxious owner


Labradors are gentle, kind, and sweet-natured, so they’re ideal for owners who feel anxious.

They also make great intuitive emotional support animals for people who have emotional issues like specific anxiety conditions and depression.

Labs are wonderful around children and the elderly, too.

If you’re looking for a large dog to help you alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, a Labrador could be your best bet.


Standard poodles make fantastic companions for people who experience anxiety. By simply playing with or being around a poodle, you can reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Poodles are very intelligent and friendly, and their optimistic demeanors can soon rub off on their owners.

In fact, simply looking at how cute and fluffy a poodle is can help to ease tension and anxiousness.

Great Danes

Okay, Great Danes aren’t suitable for everyone due to their sheer size. Large males can reach three feet in height at the shoulder.

But having a big dog around can actually feel very protective for people who suffer from anxiety.

And Great Danes are very calm and affectionate, so they can be perfect for anxious owners.


Big dogs aren’t the only option for people who are anxious. There are plenty of small dogs that are ideal breeds for owners who have anxiety.

Pugs are a great choice. They’re full of love, can be very entertaining, and they’re also smart, attentive, playful, and calm.

You can quickly bond with a pug.

Furthermore, small dogs have the advantage of being able to be carried around at times. So, if you feel anxious getting on a bus, for instance, you can feel a lot less anxious if you’re able to keep your pug, or another small dog, close to you at all times.


Another great choice of a small dog is the Pomeranian.

The breed is well-known for its loyalty and affection. A Pomeranian will gladly stay by your side twenty-four hours a day, follow you wherever you go, and lavish you with love.

Though, you should invest in a carrying bag if you decide to get a Pomeranian because they have tiny legs.

Furthermore, this breed is very easy to train, unlike some other small dogs.

If you want a constant companion who will shower you with love, and in turn help ease your symptoms of anxiety, a Pomeranian makes an excellent choice.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

The Pembroke Welsh corgi is one of the most devoted and affectionate dog breeds around, so they make ideal dogs for people who suffer from anxiety.

Indeed, Pembroke Welsh corgis are often used in therapy sessions to help people with emotional problems.

They’re incredibly friendly and easy to train, but they can be pretty energetic.

Pembroke Welsh corgis can weigh up to thirty pounds, so they can’t be carried around in bags like Pomeranians and other small dogs. But if size doesn’t matter, you’ll want to consider getting one of these beautiful dogs.