Canine Allergic Reaction

by Margaret
(Lansing, Michigan)

Reader Question: Can A Past Allergic Reaction Cause Dog Blindness?

My 9 year old cocker has had an allergic reaction in her eyes, for which she was given eye drops by the vet. Her eyes continued to produce a yellowish matter, which lessened after administering the drops.

Now, after nearly a year of this condition, she appears to be blind. She fails to see treats on the floor and must wait for them to be put in her mouth practically. She does not chase the ball as she used to love to do, and now she is bumping into things in the house, apparently unable to see them.

Does the previous allergy condition likely have anything to do with this apparent blindness? Is there something else it might be? How to treat?


Vet Gives Input For Cause Of Dog Blindness

Hello Margaret,

I’m sorry to hear about your dog’s situation. It’s unlikely that an allergic reaction involving the eyes would lead to blindness, but unfortunately cocker spaniels are prone to a long list of more serious eye problems, including conditions that can lead to blindness like glaucoma and keratoconjuctivitis sicca (i.e., dry eye).

Making an appointment with a veterinarian is definitely your best option. If you are not satisfied with your regular veterinarian’s ability to handle your dog’s case, seeing a veterinary ophthalmologist would be the next logical step. It is possible that your dog’s eyesight can still be saved, so don’t wait too long to make the appointment.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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