Canine Cushings and Dog Bladder Problems

by Sarah

My 11 year old terrier has recently been diagnosed with Cushings. She's been on treatment for 2 weeks now. Shes suddenly lost her bladder control. I'm not sure if this is the treatment that is causing this. She doesn't seem to know shes doing it.

The treatment has been amazing and she has improved so much. It would be such a shame if this is something else wrong with her.

Any ideas??

Canine Cushings Dog Bladder Problems Editor Comment

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your question and glad to hear your dog is recovering from dog cushings disease.

Canine Cushing’s disease or Hyperadrinocorticism causes different symptoms. The primary symptoms related to the condition include excessive consumption of water and a patient that excretes fluids in the same volume.

The canine adrenal glands are affected by the condition, therefore it is certain that water balance in the body gets disturbed and in turn the urinary system might not function properly.

Remember that Cushing’s disease takes many years to develop in dogs before exhibiting any clinical features. Thus the urinary system gets weakened over the course of pathogenesis (as the disease develops).

During the clinical phase of the condition, excessive and frequent urination cannot be distinguished from urinary incontinence. The Urinary dog
bladder surely gets weakened.

Your dog is probably experiencing a dog bladder control problem that is related to the Cushings.

There is also another reason why dog bladder problems may be an issue. As dog's age, bladder control becomes more of an issue as the urinary system is weakened. This should definitely be checked.

In fact, your dog needs more care now. Discuss the condition with your veterinarian in detail; it is possible that if your dog has recently developed the issue with Cushing’s disease, it can have some other health problem as well.

Since, your dog's body condition surely would have declined in recent time, your dog would be exposed to many primary and secondary health problems.

For the time being, to control canine incontinence and to support the adrenal glands, you can try using a natural remedy such as Bladder Control, which is safe and will help in improving the immune system too.

There are also natural remedies made to support dogs with Cushings such as Cushex Drops. These types of products are a supportive remedy. They can be used with conventional therapy to help your dog recover faster and to improve adrenal gland function, skin and urinary tract health.

Please keep us up to date on your dog's condition.

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Oct 20, 2010
Cushings and incontinence
by: Dru

This sounds obvious, but I had a dog with cushings for several years and she too had control issues. I learned to monitor, and limit the amount of water she had both daily and at one time. I believe that if I had put a gallon of water in her bowl she would have finished it all at once and asked for more. It was hard, because she always wanted water, but we were all in better moods when she did not lose control. Best of luck with your baby. We had several good years together after she was diagnosed, and I hope you do too.

Nov 06, 2016
my puppy staffy has cushings
by: Anonymous

My staffy is having urine incontinence,,, she has never ever had these problems she is 2 ywears old, and stood at the back door weeing, im not sure she even knew she did it? any advice

Nov 01, 2018
Always thirsty
by: Wabanubu

I don't know if I did the wrong thing here, but I couldn't keep up with the volume of water that, Houdini, my 13-year-old beagle-yellow lab mix, was consuming, so I bought one of those gravity fed watering stations. It holds 2.5 gallons, and she empties it every single day. I have to take her out at least every hour. (Thank God I'm retired!) Otherwise she'll be walking around the house and it will just come pouring out of her without any warning. Sometimes the first sign of trouble will be a rapidly expanding dark spot on the carpet around her, wherever she happens to be sitting or lying down. Houdini seems to be completely oblivious when it's happening. She has been on 60 MG of Vetoryl for Cushing's for the past six months. She also gets 1.2 MG of Thyro Tabs daily because the fur is falling out of her tail, and she's beginning to look like a rodent-canine mix. Does anyone know if the Thyro Tabs could be exacerbating the problem? (Also, before anyone reminds me that Houdini was a man, as some feel compelled to do, 'Houdini' is a surname, so it's gender-neutral. My girl's full name is 'Hairy Houdini'.)

Aug 05, 2021
Controlling water
by: Anonymous

Cannot imagine having my water controlled if I had a medical problem that had me needing excessive amount. That sounds like torture. How about diapers until you get it straightened out? I’ve used diapers on dogs. I adopt old dogs

Jul 09, 2022
total incontinence
by: Janet Whitten

My Baby has total incontinence from Cushings. He gets so so thirsty I just can't take up his water. So we actually have a bucket for accidents. He is 17 yrs old now and I know he won't be here much longer. We go the extra mile for him. He takes vetoryl. And he is on the right dose. Sometimes he makes it to the back yard. We do our best. God bless the cushings parents!

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