Everything You Need to Know About Cockapoos

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"Cockapoos are hybrid dogs. They are half poodle and half Cocker Spaniel. Over the years though more and more breeders have bred designer dogs, Cockapoo was the first one in 1960. Since then more and more people have fallen in love with their adorable looks and choose this breed as their pets. Read on ahead to know more about this lovable breed."

women holding a cockapoo puppyCockapoos Are Growing in Popularity Due to Low Shedding, Size Variety, Intelligence, Appearance, and Health History.
Photo Credit: Flouffy @theflouffy

Cockapoos Do Not Shed Much

Cockapoos have short hair and are not completely hypoallergenic. They however do not shed a lot and great pets for families wherein any member suffers from dog allergies. When you take a Cockapoo puppy from a reputable breeder such as Uptown Puppies you are assured that they are well-bred. This is important as sometimes dogs that are not purebred but sold under a lie can cause a serious allergic reaction in a family that suffers from one. If you groom your Cockapoo regularly you will rarely have to worry about finding dog hair on your sofa or other furniture. 

You Can Choose From Many Sizes

If you want a larger Cockapoo as an outdoor activity companion or are looking for a small indoor lapdog, you can find one in both sizes. Breeders can breed a Cockapoo as small as one that is only 15 pounds or as large as 30 pounds. Make sure to check your puppy parents to understand what size your dog will be as an adult. Their average lifespan is from 12 to 15 years.

  • Teacup Cockapoos: Under 10" tall, less than 6 lbs. (25.4 cm, 2.72 kg)
  • Toy Cockapoos: Up to 10" tall, sturdy build, up to 12 lbs. (25.4 cm, 5.44 kg)
  • Miniature Cockapoos: Stand up to 11" to 14:, weigh 13 lbs. to 18 lbs. (27.94-35.56 cm, 5.89-6.35 kg)
  • Maxi or Standard Cockapoos: Up to 15", up to 19 lbs. (38.1 cm, 8.61 kg)

They Are Very Intelligent

Apart from their adorable looks, Cockapoos are also very smart dogs. As both their parent breeds Cocker Spaniel and Poodle are intelligent breeds, their offspring have the same trait. They are fast learners and can be trained quickly to act on command. Teaching tricks too will not take too much time for them. This is a very good factor as you want your puppy to get trained as quickly as possible to be able to adapt to your lifestyle.

They Are Social

Cockapoos are a very social breed. They are affectionate and can be very loyal towards their family. They do not have any favorites and can fit right into a family and equally love all of them. They easily form bonds with everyone around them. They are comfortable when guests come to your house even with their dogs as Cockapoo easily welcomes them and is not anxious.

To avoid issues such as separation anxiety consider crate training. 

They Have a Uniquely Beautiful Appearance

Cockapoos vary in color from solid black, tan, brown, cream, etc to those with very complex makings. Some of them even have spots and freckles. Depending on which parent the puppy takes the most gene, the coat also varies. It can be anywhere from a sleek coat to a curly one. Though they don’t shed a lot, their coats grow fast giving them a teddy bear-like dog appearance. Hence it is advised to groom it regularly so it doesn’t matter.

If your Cockapoo inherits the cost from a Poddle, then grooming involves clipping. Those that inherit a coat from a Cocker spaniel will require a scissor cut.


Cockapoos genetically are subject to the health considerations associated with the parent breeds, Cocker Spaniels (American, Working, Show) and Poodles (Toy, Miniature, Standard). Both breeds have similar genetic eye conditions. Ask your breeder if the parents of your puppy have been genetically tested before adopting your dog. The breeder should retain the ancestry of each parent to avoid issues associated with inbreeding. Inherited health conditions for Cockapoos include the following. Note that these can be avoided by choosing a breeder with a good reputation.

  • Retinal Dysplasia (affects eyesight)
  • Hip dysplasia (joint disease)
  • Glaucoma  and Secondary Glaucoma (high pressure on the eye, affects eyesight)
  • Phosphofructokinase (PFK) - enzyme dificiency problem
  • Familial Nephropathy (FN) - kidney disease
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (Prcd-PRA) - blindness from a genetic disease


A reputable breeder will charge from $900 to $2,500 or more per puppy. Expect a quality breeder to charge on the upper end of this range.

cockapoo puppy runningCockapoos Are Great Family Dogs That Are Social and Comfortable With Guests.
Photo Credit: Joe Caione

If you are looking for a smart, adorable, and loving dog who can adjust with everyone in your family, Cockapoo is your best choice. Their adaptable nature will make sure they bring happiness whether you live in a small or big home.