Contagious Dog Eye Infection

by Hilary
(Edenton, NC)

Reader Question: Contagious Dog Eye Infection?

My dog has just recently been showing signs of some kind of eye infection, I think. First in one eye, now in both. She seems to have come down with it after our recent visit with my parents' dog. I have noticed in the past that their dog has had red eyes with a mild mucous discharge.

Now our dog seems to have the same thing. I'm wondering if it is an eye infection that they may have, or the symptoms are a result of a contagious systemic infection. Is this common? Both dogs are chocolate labs, 3 yrs old (sisters). My parent’s dog has had these mild symptoms for several years.



Vet’s Diagnosis of A Dog Eye Infection

Hi Hilary,

In the absence of other clinical signs (e.g., coughing, sneezing, etc.), I think the chances that your dog caught an eye infection from your parent’s dog is pretty small – particularly since your parent’s dog has had these symptoms for years. It’s more likely that they are both reacting to something in the environment (e.g., environmental allergens or irritants).

If your dog’s eyes fail to get better once she’s home or get worse at any time, take her to your veterinarian. Serious eye problems can cause symptoms like the ones you describe, and you wouldn’t want to delay treatment.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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