Diagnosis and Treatment of a Recurrent Dog Skin Infection

by Anonymous Reader

Recurrent Dog Skin Infection

Recurrent Dog Skin Infection

Reader Question: How do I treat and cure a recurrent dog skin infection?

My 3 yrs old Maltese has a recurrent dog skin infection since May this year. He recovered after taking antibiotics each time but the itch soon start again after 2 or 3 months.

Kindly advise on the likely cause of this infection and how to take care of him.

Suggestion from our Veterinarian on how to Diagnose and Treat a Dog Skin Infection That Doesn't Go Away After Treatment


Recurrent skin infections like the ones your Maltese has been suffering through are usually an indication that another health condition is having an adverse effect on the skin’s ability to maintain itself.

Has your veterinarian performed a full health work-up on your dog? In cases like these, I generally evaluate patients for allergies and hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus as well as taking a close look at the skin for problems like mite infestations (mange) and ringworm.

I suspect that until your veterinarian (or perhaps a veterinary dermatology specialist) can diagnose and treat your dog’s underlying problem, these skin infections will just keep coming back.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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