Dog Abnormal Bite

My mini foxys upper canine teeth are growing horizontally under the gum above and toward the front teeth. You can see them just under the gum.

What should I do?

They haven't broken the gum surface. She is 3 years old.


Suggestion from our Vet on Problems Associated with an Abnormal Dog Bite


By three years of age, your dog’s adult teeth should all be fully erupted and in their normal positions, so this is definitely an abnormal situation.

Whenever a dog does not have a normal bite, they are at a higher than average risk for dental disease – anything from plaque, tartar and gingivitis to severe periodontal disease, cysts and abscesses.

The best think you can do for your dog is to get her in to a veterinarian for an evaluation. This will probably entail sedation so that the vet can fully (and safely) evaluate all of your dog’s teeth and dental x-rays to look at the tooth roots and other structures that can’t be seen on a physical exam.

If your dog’s abnormal bite isn’t bothering her and your veterinarian does not think the teeth will cause her any future problems, you always have the option of leaving them in place.

Otherwise, extracting them is probably wise.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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