Dog ACL Rupture Joint Supplements

by Sami Smith
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Recommended Dog Joint Supplements

Recommended Dog Joint Supplements

Reader Question: Natural Products and ACL Braces for Dog Pain

Collie/lab female is 15 years old.Therapy dog in good health. Refuse to give Rimidyl due to side effects. Getting cold laser therapy and underwater treadmill each week. What natural product could help with injury and pain? Are the ACL braces on market been proven to work?

Veterinarian Suggestion for a Rear Leg With a Torn ACL


I am sorry to hear about your dog’s cruciate ligament rupture. Stifle braces can be very helpful when a dog is recovering from this type of injury. They keep the knee somewhat stable as scar tissue develops and may decrease the degree of arthritis that eventually occurs. Braces can cause pressure sores and other problems so dogs must be closely monitored when they are in use, however.

I typically recommend that dogs be put on a nutritional supplement that promotes joint health after these types of injuries. Brands to look for include Cosequin, Glycoflex, or Dasuquin MSM. The cold laser treatments and physical therapy (underwater treadmill) that your dog is getting are also vital. Keep up the good work!

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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