Dog Diarhea and Vomiting

by Stan
(New York, NY)

Reader Question: Is There An Alternative Way Of Diagnosing Chronic Gastrointestinal Diease?

My three year old maltipoo has been vomiting and having diarrhea for the past three weeks. Initially it was very bloody. Now it is just off and on. She has had many test done, a sonogram and is on four different medicines, a bland diet. They have found nothing wrong other than her liver enzymes was a little elevated. They also said that the muscles in her tummy did not seem to be contracting very much so they put her on something that would help that for a week.

She threw up again in the middle of the night. It was liquid and a little yellow in color. Now they are saying they can go down her throat with a scope which is very costly. I have already spent almost 1500 dollars. That treatment is over 5000. Do you have any thoughts or ideas? The other two meds are antibiotics and pepto.

Vet Answers Reader Question Regrarding The Diagnosis Of Chronic Gastrointestinal Disease


I’m afraid that sometimes the only way to diagnose chronic gastrointestinal disease is take tissue samples from the stomach and intestines so that a pathologist can examine them under the microscope. This can either be done via an endoscope (the procedure that you describe) or surgically. Both methods have their pros and cons; which is best depends on your dog’s unique situation.

It sounds as if you and your veterinarian have tried a lot of things short of biopsying, and nothing has been completely effective. Endoscopies seems like a reasonable next step, but if you have any concerns you should definitely clear them up with your veterinarian before proceeding.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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