Dog Diarrhea Pepto Bismol Better Alternative

by by Darla
(Houghton Lake Mi.)

Hello, I have a very small toy 7 lb. Pomeranian who just came down with diarrhea today. She just had all her shots up to date and visited her vet about 3 weeks ago and was clear of any parasites, worms or any virus's.

But we were on vacation and she got to many of her puparoni snacks while we were gone for a week and I think it has upset her system and is not tolerating it well.

She has only had diarrhea once in her life about 3 yrs.ago and she got very dehydrated quick and had to be hospitalized with IV's. I was hoping to catch it quickly before it got out of hand this time.

I have read in several different places online where little dogs can be given Pepto for the diarrhea but I am wondering if they can be given the chewable tablets? and how much can she have since she is such a small dog.

We always keep the tablets in the house but no liquid. I have already taken away her hard food and started her on a bland diet with boiled chicken and rice. I also have read where you can give them 1 to 2 teaspoons of straight plain pumpkin which I have not tried yet and where it is good to add pedialyte to her water which I plan to pick up today.

Please help me if you can! Thanks so much for any assistance you can give.


Editor Comment Dog Diarrhea Pepto Bismol Better Alternative

Hi Darla,

Yes, you can give pepto to dogs, but it is probably not the best choice in your situation.

Your pomeranian sounds like an ideal candidate for Proviable-KP, which contains a paste that helps firm up runny stools quickly and probiotic capsules to help reestablish normal intestinal flora after a bout of diarrhea.

This product is very safe and effective, and since it is formulated for dogs (even tiny ones), giving the appropriate dose is a breeze. If I were you, I’d buy a couple of packages so that I’d always have one on hand when it’s needed.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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