Dog Low Blood Sugar

Our dog that is 22.8 lbs has had 2 readings of low blood sugar, 52and 66

What can we do to get the levels up?

Vet Suggestion Dog Low Blood Sugar

Hi there,

The first thing to do in a case like this is determine how significant the low blood sugar readings are and what the cause is. If your dog is an adult and not showing any clinical signs of health problems (e.g., no weakness, lethargy, altered mentation, seizures, etc.) and was found to be normal on physical exam, a reasonable option is to feed a high quality food three times a day and keep an eye on the blood sugar levels.

Some individuals simply run low. I’d also want to confirm that your veterinarian is spinning the blood sample immediately after a clot is formed, there are no wayward blood cells in the serum sample (cells convert the sugar into energy even in the tube), and the sample is being run through a reputable lab, not being evaluated by glucometer (they are notoriously unreliable in dogs).

Puppies can have problems with hypoglycemia that resolve with more frequent feedings (at least three times a day) and time. When low blood sugar levels persist and worsen over time in an older dog, I worry most about a type of tumor called an insulinoma. These can often be diagnosed by running blood glucose and insulin levels at the same time, so long as the glucose level is under 60.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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