Dog with Cough and Runny Eyes

by Febra

My 5 year old dog missed 2 years shots has a cough, a runny nose and teary eyes. He eats cooked eggs cooked and is eating OK.

I got sick with a respiratory problems. What do you think I started on the antibiotics robafen for me.

Editor Comment

Hi Febra,

I'm not a veterinarian, but I can try to offer some general advice. If your dog is experiencing symptoms like coughing, runny nose, and eye discharge, it's important to consult with a veterinarian to determine the cause and appropriate treatment. Missing vaccinations may make your dog more susceptible to certain illnesses, so it's a good idea to discuss this with your vet as well.

As for your own health, if you're experiencing respiratory symptoms and have been prescribed antibiotics and Robafen (a cough medicine), it's important to follow your healthcare provider's instructions. If your symptoms worsen or do not improve, contact your healthcare provider for further guidance.

It's crucial to remember that antibiotics should not be shared between humans and pets, as the appropriate dosage and type of antibiotic can differ. Always consult with a healthcare professional or veterinarian before administering medication to yourself or your pet.

Best to you and your dog,

Editor and Publisher
Dog Health Guide

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