Dog Flatworms


"Dog flatworms are contracted through contact with feces or from drinking in a body of water and ingesting an infected animal such as a fish or frog. Your veterinarian can prescribe an effective medication to rid your dog of these worms".


Flatworms attach to your dog with hooks or with a sucker. They are found in the intestines (intestinal flukes), liver (liver flukes) or lungs (lung flukes) and are of various sizes.

Getting Flatworms

Your dog can get worms by coming in contact with feces or by eating another animal in water such as a pond or lake. The worms are contracted when they eat a fish or other small infected marine animal such as a frog or crayfish.

Symptoms of Flatworms or Intestinal Flukes in Dogs

Most infections do not generate any symptoms.

Diagnosis of Canine Flatworms or Intestinal Flukes

Diagnosis is done by looking for eggs in feces under a microscope.

Treatment of Flatworms or Intestinal Flukes in Dogs

The drugs fenbendazole and praziquanteil are an effective method for treatment. Some owners have found success using natural dietary supplements in addition to or in place of medications, particularly in dogs that continually suffer from parasites. A good choice to explore is PetAlive Parasite Dr. Capsules to Naturally Expel Internal Parasites Like Heartworm, Roundworm and Tape Worm in dogs.