Fattty Growths are Benign Dog Lipomas

by Bianka Du Plessis
(Gauteng South Africa)

My soon to be five year old Basset Hound (female - spayed) started getting little growth about the size of a 10c coin in different places on her body. Three were located on her one side and one on the opposite side. We had all the growths removed and sent away for testing. The results came back negative and we were told that it was like fat glands.

We now see she has another one which appeared overnight just below her one shoulder. Is there a reason why these occur? I have done extensive reading on her breed and I don't find anything to indicate that it is specific to her breed or type.

She does not feel these bumps, you can press on them and touch them and there is absolutely no reaction from her. She is healthy and happy.

I unfortunately do not have a photo as it is under her fur so you cannot see them unless the area is shaved.

Vet Suggestion Regarding Fatty Growths on Dog

Hi Bianka Du Plessis,

My best guess from your description is that your dog is developing lipomas, benign fatty masses that are most commonly located under the skin.

Lipomas are a very common type of benign tumor that generally affect middle aged or older dogs. With time, some individuals can develop numerous lipomas all over their body. They are not too much of a concern unless one becomes very large or grows in a part of the body where it affects normal functioning (e.g., the armpit where it hinders a dog’s ability to walk).

Bring any new dog skin lumps to your veterinarian’s attention. Personally, I am comfortable diagnosing a lipoma based solely on a physical exam and needle aspirate of the mass.

Ask your veterinarian if this is appropriate in your dog’s case. Unless the canine lipomas are bothering your dog, they do not have to be removed.

Good luck,
Jennifer Coates, DVM

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