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"Flea treatment dog is necessary the second you suspect that your dog has fleas.  They create discomfort for your dog and can lead to alopecia (hair loss), skin problems (dermatitis) and tapeworm.  Fleas can also be harmful for people living in the home since they can spread bacteria.  Treatment for fleas is also necessary to keep them from spreading throughout your home since a flea can produce up to 50 eggs everyday and can lay 2000 during the fleas life. Start by killing the fleas on your dog with a natural dip. Follow treatment with a spot on to prevent future infestations. Products are available to address symptoms associate with flea bite hypersensitivity such as itch (Fleaderm).  Also vacuum and disinfect the home and wash the dog's belongings."

Fleas can be seen with the naked eye on a dog, but are easy to miss since they are a parasite that is skilled at hiding. Even a few fleas can create a big problem for a dog with a flea hypersensitivity. When looking for fleas check on the back, tail, stomach, thighs and neck either by spreading the hair apart or by combing the hair with a dog flea comb.  One easy way to check is to place a wet paper towel under your dog and then to see if the fleas drop onto the towel when the hair is combed.  The fleas will look like specks of pepper or dried blood.

dog fleas treatment
Flea Treatment Dog Care is Necessary if Your Dog is Licking the Rump and Just Above the Tail.
White Fur Turning Color Also Indicates Licking in the Area.

Dog Flea Podcast

This dog flea podcast from the American Veterinary Medical Association provides advice from the organization of canine flea treatment:

Dog Flea Treatment Options

Flea Medication for Dogs at Home

Follow the manufacturers instructions for a topical that will prevent fleas from infesting your dog. This includes topicals which are applied directly to the skin such as Frontline Plus and Advantage.  They are applied to the back between the shoulders so that the dog cannot lick it off.  It then spreads throughout the skin.  The products are made to only be absorbed into the skin and not your dog's body. Your veterinarian is a good source for recommendations. Flea treatment dog products can work fast with topicals stopping the biting in up to 5 minutes after treatment.

Fleas can leap from a dog to people and can contaminate a house.  Start by thoroughly vacuuming all areas where your dog has wandered.  Dispose of the vacuum back out of the home immediately after vacuuming them up. For added protection in the home consider a safe environmental spray designed for indoor use such as Benzarid.  It uses benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient to kill any remaining fleas in the home.

Veterinarian Dog Flea Treatment

Other flea treatment dog approaches available from a veterinarian  include a pill given every 30 days (Progam flea control for dogs, Capstar). These are also available only with a prescription.  Capstar only kills fleas for 24 hours and is used right after an infestation.  Program flea control for dogs is available via an injection that prevents fleas for 6 months or in a pill form which lasts for 30 days.

Other Approaches to Canine Flea Treatment and Symptoms

There are several types of flea control products for dogs available over the counter.  These include dog flea collars, shampoos and dips.  

Dog Flea Shampoo: There is a natural shampoo called Botanical Flea Shampoo  that contains natural ingredients designed to repel fleas (also helps deter flies and mosquitoes).  If you dog is frequently exposed to areas that contain fleas, than this is a safe and natural approach to the problem.  This approach can also be a helpful way to naturally keep dogs from that are itchy from a reaction to the flea bites from scratching themselves.

Dog Flea Collar: Collars can be helpful as part of a flea prevention program. The collar should fit properly which means you should only be able to get 2 fingers inside of the collar when it is placed around your dog's neck. Change the collar if it gets wet.

Flea Itch: There is a homeopathic supplement available to help with flea itch.  The product, Allergy Itch Ease, to naturally soothe dog skin itch and allergies.

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