Infection and Anemia Trigger for Dog Seizures

by Shannon Madden
(Titusville, Fl)

Reader Question: Can an Infection and Anemia Trigger a Seizure in Dogs?

My 7 year old Pekingese had a seizure this morning. He was on his side screaming and was urinating. I put my arm under his neck to try and calm him, the seizure did not last but about a minute, thank goodness. I had taken him to the vet 3 days ago because he did not want to eat, and he seemed like he was not himself.

The vet did lab work and said he had fever, his white count was high and his red cell count was low. He thought he might have some type of gastric or intestinal infection but he was anemic.

He gave him several shots, an antibiotic and some pro-pectalin.

My question is: is the seizure related to his diagnosis of an infection or anemia?

Suggestion from our Veterinarian: Anemia and Infection Related to Seizures


The seizure that you witnessed could be related to your dog’s previous diagnosis of an infection and anemia. Both conditions can trigger seizures if they become severe enough. It is also possible that something new (or at least as of yet undiagnosed) is to blame. Make sure you inform your veterinarian about this new development. He or she will probably need to see your dog again to monitor for changes in his condition.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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