Lost Dog: 6 Tips to Bring Your Furry Friend Home

Your pet is considered a family member. Imagine that one of your family members goes missing. It is one of the greatest nightmares of every dog parent. There are so many different potential reasons why dogs go missing at some point in their lives. In case your dog is missing right now, be sure that all dog parents were there at some point. Normally, this makes you feel bad and anxious, but you should pause for a second and take a couple of deep breaths before you start panicking and losing track. So, we have prepared some of the best techniques that may help you track and get your dog back home.

lost dog

Check Your Home

Your home is the best and most obvious place to start your search. Immediate surroundings are usually the places where the dogs can hide for unknown reasons. Dogs can get scared, and they are trying to find the spot where they will be saved yet sheltered. Also, because of their wiggly nature, they may have gotten a stitch somewhere. You need to check your sheds and garages, pools, cars, closets, gardens, attics, basements, and any other place where your furry friend can be. Ask your friends and family to help you with the search so you can have results much faster. 

Your Search Radius

This one is very important because of the dog's tendency not to wander too far away. However, there are many exceptions to this rule, so you should be asking yourself a couple of questions such as: 

  1. Did your dog go missing in some unfamiliar area or near home?
  2. Was your dog scared by something or is naturally curious?
  3. Are there any places nearby that your dog likes to visit?
  4. Are there any dangerous places where they could have gotten stuck?
  5. Is your dog more active and prone to wander further or is lazy and less active? 

All of these questions are intended to assist you in narrowing your radius and searching for your canine in a more intelligent manner. Before your dog goes missing, you can prevent it by using the electric fence. If you are hazy about how it works, you should go through this guide and see how they work. Having systems like this will help you stay on the safe side and prevent unwanted behaviors.

Search the Area Where Your Dog Went Missing

If your dog has not returned home yet, then it is high time for you to take action so you can bring them home. Start from the immediate surroundings and expand your search to a larger radius, which will increase your chances of finding them. First things first, start by calling their name. You should call their name calmly and clearly so that they can hear you and not sense panic in your voice. Ask people to help you with searching, and bring clear photos of your dog with you so you can show them to the people and see if they came across your dog. Do not forget that one person should stay at home in case they show up.

four dogs waiting for treat

Report Your Dog Missing and Contact the Shelters

Another very important step is to contact the local animal shelters, dog wardens, pet rescue centers, and animal control so you can notify them about your dog's disappearance and see if anyone has already turned your lost dog in some of these facilities. Also, they can go through the dog posts and see if someone reposted the image of your furry friend.

Use Social Media Network

You should use the power of social media to help you share the announcements of your dog's disappearance and include important information in the posts. This information includes a couple of photos of your dog, information about your dog’s temperament, and the date and area where it was last seen. Do not forget to put in your contact information, which will help people reach you.

Make, Print, and Distribute Lost Dog Posters

You should compose and print the lost dog flyers that contain your dog’s information, which you can distribute all around the town, in your neighborhood, and in the area where your dog went missing. You should try using large, bright, or neon paper if it is possible so that your flyer can be more visible and easily spotted. The information to include on the poster is the description of the dog, collar tag details, your contact details, the last known location, and reward details. 

Your dog being missing is probably one of the worst scenarios for every dog parent. However, with the previously mentioned steps and ways to bring your dog back home, you will most certainly be successful.