Puppy with a Drop of Bright Red Blood in Stool

by Chris
(Lincoln, CA)

Reader Question: Blood in Puppy Stool


I have a 9 week old Westie puppy who had diarrhea as we changed her food. We have had her for 1 week. We solved that by going to what the breeder had her on (Cesar- not my choice, I prefer higher quality like Wellness but it was runny) and rice, boiled chicken breast and a little canned pumpkin. Her stools became normal. This morning her first stool was mostly normal with a tiny bit of runny at the end- and her second was very runny with 1 drop of blood (bright red). She is eating well, no vomit and drinking water normally. She is bright eyed and playful, her gums are a normal pink. When I asked our vet about the diarrhea a few days ago they were not concerned because she had been wormed a day before we got her, and she had the stress of a plane trip, new home and new food. But I've never had a puppy with even a drop of blood before. Is this something that is safe to watch her as they suggest, or should she be taken in? She did have a wellness check the day after we got her, but a fecal was not done then.

Thank you.

Chris, a worried puppy mama.

Vet Suggestion

Hi Chris,

I do think it would be in your puppy’s best interests to be seen by a veterinarian at this point. It is possible that dietary changes and stress are responsible for her symptoms, but even if this is the case, puppies can quickly become dehydrated and the presence of blood in the stool is always worrisome.

Also, no one dewormer eradicates every type of intestinal parasite, so a fecal examination should certainly be run. It is possible that your puppy has or , which would require different types of medication to eliminate.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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