Puppy With Hard Stool and Streaks of Blood

by Veronica Casias
(Alamosa, Colorado)

My Chihuahua puppy is 5 days old & his stool got hard with light streaks of blood. should I worry & what do I do ?

Editor Suggestion on Puppy with Hard Stool

It is not uncommon for puppies to have some difficulty with their stools during the first few weeks of life, but the presence of blood in the stool is always a concern and should be evaluated by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

There are several possible causes of blood in a puppy's stool, including infections, parasites, dietary issues, and congenital abnormalities. In some cases, blood in the stool can be a sign of a more serious condition, such as intussusception, a condition where part of the intestine telescopes into itself.

It is important to seek veterinary attention promptly, especially given the young age of your puppy. The veterinarian will be able to examine your puppy, perform diagnostic tests, and provide appropriate treatment. Treatment may involve medications to address any infections or parasites, dietary changes, or supportive care to address any underlying health issues.

In the meantime, you can help support your puppy's health by ensuring that he is kept warm and dry, and that he is nursing or being fed a high-quality puppy formula on a regular basis. Avoid giving your puppy any human food or treats, and make sure he has access to clean water at all times.


Editor and Publisher
Dog Health Guide

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