Treat Your Dogs Well

by Amanda Roman
(Lakeside, CA)

My dog Polo who is a Chiweenie is half chihuahua and half wiener dog. He looks like a minnie kangaroo. He is the coolest looking dog ever! He also uses his front paws like a kangaroo and holds all his bones and treats like a person/kangaroo!

So when he started getting these lumps we got so scared. My baby girl who was a cocker spaniel just died a horrible death. so I could not bare to lose another family member.

I don't understand how people that get animals especially dogs can abuse them and keep them chained up or in a kennel or outside in the heat or cold. My dogs are treated like boys, we spoil them rotten. They are great dogs and we treat them like little people so they act like little people, not like animals. If you treat them like animals they will act like animals, any how my dogs are my world like by kids are. when I am hot they are hot and when I am cold they are cold. If you want a animal, but want to tie them up and or keep them in a kennel then don't get a dog get a caged animal! Dogs or cats do not belong in cages or tied up outside!

I thought there was something very wrong as he had lumps everywhere. I thought it was ringworm or something worse. He was even acting weird, but I am so happy its just hives. So I have learned to not run to the vet every time there is something wrong. Thankfully we are blessed with the internet!

I have spent alot of money on vets in the
past month with my 3 puppies! Polos the oldest at 1 years old. I also have another cocker spaniel which is my dog that past away its her brother.

He was being so abused and beaten and sliced with knifes n kicked n kept tied up outside in the rain with no cover in the hot heat also! He is doing better now he has been with us for about a month now, he is like a abused kid he needs more love n attention which is fine by us! But he needs to get fixed because he is so territorial he had to fight for his food and everything else but everyday.

But now we have a 6 week old pit bull girl. Her name is juicy . All our are dogs are named after brand names like loui vuitton n polo ralph lauren and juicy couture and my baby girl that died her name was dulce gabbana!

Thanks for reading this and if you do abuse your animal or neglect it please stop! They have feelings dammit! They are like babies so stop!-

dog lover in San Diego,Ca

Editor Comment

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for sharing your passion for dogs and cats and the care they require. We agree that you should treat your pets as you treat yourself.

We do suggest that when a dog appears sick, or if clinical symptoms are worsening, then it is best to err on the side of caution and visit a veterinarian. This is costly, which is why we also suggest that owners obtain a low cost pet health insurance policy to ensure that they can afford medical care, which can be expensive.

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