Whipworm Products for Dogs


"Whipworm Products for Dogs are effective at treating the condition. Year round protection should be provided by products designed to prevent heartworm and roundworm."


Whipworm Products affect Whipworms, which are small worms that are approximately 1/2 inch in length. They live in your dog's in the cecum (in the large intestine) and colon,  and cause irritation in those organs. Whipworm eggs live in dog feces and can remain active for 5 years. They need moist soil to survive and can be picked up by your dog while running around on grass or dirt. If your dog swallows the eggs, they go to the lower intestine where they grow after 1 to 3 months. Whipworms can live as long as 15 months.

Canine Whipworms in Jar
Canine Whipworms

Whipworms Symptoms in Dogs

Symptoms of whipworms include consistent bloody diarrhea, weight loss, and tiredness. Even if whipworms are not found, a Veterinarian may treat your dog for the worms and see if there is a response to the treatment. Your dog may also experience anemia (gums become a light color due to the loss of red blood cells) which is why you should treat the condition with whipworm products.

Diagnosis of Whipworms in Dogs

Whipworm eggs can only be seen with a microscope and are found during an examination of dog feces. It is difficult to diagnose Whipworms because they release few eggs. Several stool samples are often needed to determine that these worms cause your dog's problems.

Whipworm Treatment

Veterinarians have several canine whipworm treatment options include fenbendazole, milbemycin oxime and febantel. These treatments are very effective with low risks of side effects. Treatments are often spaced by several months because of the risk of reinfection since eggs from the source where your dog first got whipworms may remain active for five years.

Over the counter products that prevent heartworm and treat canine roundworms, should be capable of clearing dogs of their infections with the whipworm parasite. A collection of Sentinel for Dogs products and Interceptor products have been pulled together by our editors for your review.

If your dog frequently gets different type of worms you might want to consider a natural herbal supplement as part of her diet such as PetAlive Parasite Dr. Capsules to Naturally Expel Internal Parasites Like Worms in dogs.

Prevention of Whipworms in Dogs

Every surface where your dog may have come in contact with whipworm eggs needs to be cleaned. This includes any penned in area in the yard, toys, etc.

Humans and Dog Whipworms

Whipworms only affect dogs and are not a danger to humans.


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