How to Ensure Your Dog is Healthy


"Being a dog owner is exciting, but it’s also a lot of work! There is nothing more rewarding than being able to give your pet everything they deserve, they are your life companions after all! But many owners have no idea how to take care of their beloved pets correctly, so here’s a useful guide to know everything about dogs to ensure your pet friend is healthy and happy!."

two dogs runningPhoto Credit: Alvan Nee

Different Breeds

Dogs are such lovely pets, they basically act like big ol’ babies, and they should be treated as ones too! Regardless if you have a mutt dog or a rare breed, you need to do a bit of research on certain breeds and their health concerns, as some of them are pretty common and inevitable! For instance, most pugs are prone to eye issues, while bulldogs are more prone to having respiratory problems. Those things are pretty common, so if you have a specific breed of dog, you should further educate yourself on the possible risks so you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare! You should treat your pet’s health just like you would treat a child - regular visits to the vet are a must!

Activity is Key

If dogs like anything, that’s running, but keeping them active means more than you think! Pets are like human beings, dogs particularly need to be active every day, in order to boost their bone and heart proficiency! Now, if you don’t have a lot of time and energy every day,  as you can see from, there is a wide variety of dog toys that are not only perfect for distracting your dog they are practical as well! Toys are great, but let your dog spend time with other dogs and people as well, this will make sure that they are both active and social!

From the Inside Out

Obviously, depending on the age and size of the dog, you will determine what kind of food to feed him! The road to finding just the perfect dog food is never ending, some dogs can eat pretty much anything that smells nice whilst others refuse to eat the finest canned food out there! But making sure that your pet eats a healthy, balanced meal is a must - no more extremely skinny dogs or overweight dogs, there should be a balance! It’s important to know that some dogs are allergic to certain foods like corn or onions, but giving some raw foods like carrots or a bit of cucumber is a great idea!

Dogs Have Preferences

Owning a pet is like having a child. So it should be taken seriously! You want to give your dog the best possible environment to live in, and this means either having a big yard where he can run around or regularly taking him for walks. Some dogs prefer the outside over the inside, other dogs prefer people and are extremely social, whilst others don’t - and that is totally normal. As you might know, dogs have specific personalities, likes, and dislikes as well, so you kinda have to work with him in a way, learn what suits him as you go!!

dog walker with four healthy dogsPhoto Credit: Matt Nelson

Take Care of Their Hygiene

Regardless if you have a large dog that roams your property, or a tiny dog that sleeps on your bed - you still need to take care of their hygiene! Start from the basics, keeping their fur nice and groomed - especially if they naturally have unruly fur! Keeping the fur out of their eyes, and also getting rid of the crust from the corners of their eyes can do a lot! Clipping nails is a must, unlike cats, dogs don’t have prominent claws, but their nails can get super long and hurt them in the meantime, even if they don’t hurt you!

Attention is Everything

Lastly, if you want to be the best possible owner and make your dog happy, you need to put in much more than just the bare minimum - you want to give them the needed attention and emotional care as well. Dogs are social beings, unlike many other kinds of pets, dogs rely heavily on their owners, most of the time they prefer to be playful and cuddly! This can be annoying to some people, but it’s much needed if you want to give your dog the best possible life - don’t forget to play with them, take them on walks, cuddle them and give them treats - this will make them extremely happy pets!

At the end of the day, dogs just want to be loved - they are the least selfish creatures on earth, they will love their owner no matter what! So it’s your job as an individual who owns a dog, to give him everything he needs and more!  We can help with some of our favorite dog care tips.